Mullane Healy Godley Irish Dance Academy

Mullane Healy Godley Irish Dance Academy Mullane Healy Godley Irish Dance Academy

Whether it is instruction for a new beginner dancer, or preparing a dancer for the World Championships -at MHG you will find a hardworking— yet fun atmosphere, from both the teaching staff and the students. MHG is one of the best Irish dance schools in the world - not because of all the titles won, but because of what is passed onto the dancers. Long after the trophies have tarnished, and the medals are put away - what remains are friendships that last a lifetime, a sense of family and teamwork, and self esteem that carries with the dancer long after their Irish dance classes are over.

2016 World Champions - Dance Drama
Glasgow, Scotland

After an amazing World Championship competition in Glasgow, Scotland - with teams from literally all over the world, MHG were crowned World Champions. Through the creativity of Gary Healy, and the watchful of eyes of Mary Alice, Peggy, Eanna and staff - the MHuGsters were well prepared when they took the stage. The crowd could not stop from laughing as our drama, The Ryanair Generation, was a satirical look at "low-cost" airlines like Irish owned Ryanair. MHG has become the only school in North America to have a World Championship in male solos, female solos, ceili team, figure choreography team and now Dance Drama. Although the video of the drama doesn't do it the justice of the live performance, we are sharing it for all to enjoy.

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